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I'm Kimon

I build and fix
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for Shopify themes

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I believe software developers should be using code for good. If you're involved in an organisation that improves the planet in some way, I'd love to chat.

Front End Developer

My journey as a front-end developer began in 2016. Focusing on fundamentals over frameworks or librariesThough I do have varying experience with: Bootstrap, SASS, Typescript and React., I am well-versed in the major languages of the web, namely: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Shopify Specialist

Since 2018, I've specialised as a theme developer, and am fluent in Liquid and the many nuances of the Shopify ecosystem. My expertise lies in assisting store owners with complex issues.


Some projects

Arrow resets cards


Customising and fixing bugs for this well-established brand's products

Part of the team that maintain the US and UK, I built customisations and fixed various bugs for the product cards and functionality on the product pages.

Dermalogica US

Dermalogica UK



Working with another developer, we created the new Mapi site.

Using Shopify Plus and a custom-built bundler (to manage all of the assets on the site) we created a completely bespoke theme, created with thousands of lines of Liquid, HTML, SCSS, and good old Javascript.




Part of a team that built a custom theme using Shopify's open-source theme Dawn.

A few days after Shopify announced their Online Store 2.0 we began building this site. Learning through action, the team built this theme and overcame some of the initial hurdles that were present in the release version of Dawn.



Sister Jane

Having worked with Sister Jane for several years, I have implemented various customisations, fixed bugs and advised in several different realms of Shopify.

Working specifically with Shopify's Shipping Zone API, I pulled in data from where Sister Jane ships to, and displayed it in a simple dropdown menu incorporated within a search bar ; I also built an upsell bar that detects the amount in the cart and renders a message related to free shipping to the user in real-time ; another major customisation was that I was the technical assistance with the upgrade of their theme ; and ported over the existing customisations to an EU and Japanese site.



Frances Loom

Bringing several new design ideas to life, I took the rough design wireframes from pencil sketches to fully functional improvements integrated into the aesthetic of the site.

A custom built grid layout was built using vanilla JS and Sassy CSS, as it was on top of existing customisations. The navigation menu and about us page were rebuilt, and the collection pages were customised.




Improving a well-designed and already customised Shopify store, I worked alongside the sister founders and a designer.

I notably: unified three localised versions of the site into a single one with a dynamic currency switcher ; improved on-page SEO ; implemented a blog redesign to spec on an already customised layout ( which often involved fixing breaks that cascaded down.)




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